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Instead I will present a mystery, for which I do not have the answer. Yesterday, a reader of my blog asked me for help identifying the source of an ancient astronaut.

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Pitt Panther Blogs Oct 16, 2014  · Brad Pitt plays the commander of a five-man crew in a U.S. Sherman tank near the end of World War II in the film “Fury”. Credit: Courtesy Sony Pictures. Sep 1, 2013. But the following week, ANOTHER No. 3 team appeared on the schedule. And while the win in Nebraska put the

A mysterious Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was spotted in the skies of Khartoum on Monday night. The luminous body, seen clearly at around 3:15 am local time, was surrounded by a radiant green light, according eye witnesses.

Sep 28, 2010  · The Coming Strong Delusion! UFO Disclosure: Retired Military Officers Press Conference To Warn UFO Activity At Nuclear.

I've been guilty of neglecting my blog for the past few months, and I feel bad about it. There are a couple reasons for my neglect, the most immediate one being that I went through a period of fairly serious burnout on UFOs after my book The Close Encounters Man came out. After five-plus years of total immersion in UFO.

Welcome , look around and take your time. There are 1000’s of posts here. The blog began as a Paranormal and Unusual Blog so there are 100’s and 100’s of.

Feb 03, 2009  · This is a continuation of the earlier video by Dr. Chuck Missler : Chuck Missler – Days of Noah, Nephilims & UFOs Dr Missler continues on his exposition with a Biblical perspective.

A blog about UFO's – awareness of humanity.

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UFO Digest provides the latest UFO news and commentaries from contributors and columnists worldwide.

UFOs, aliens, angels, reptillians, science, religion, history, three UFO books.

And this was the so-called Rockefeller Initiative era, when billionaire Laurance Rockefeller persistently lobbied Clinton’s White House Office of Science and.

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The purpose of this blog is the creation of an open, international, independent and free forum, where every UFO-researcher can publish the results of his/her research.

(The photo is an enlargement of a piece of the image taken by a Facebook friend who posted the photograph the day after the New Jersey couple’s encounter with a triangle UFO.) A Vineland, N.J., couple thought their UFO encounter.

Hi, and Welcome to the UFO of Marin; the Ukulele Friends Ohana! On the occasion of the UFO 15th year anniversary we compiled a brief video to orient new UFO 'Pilots' to the vision and values that have sustained us for the past 15 years. This video will help you understand how we operate and how we truly welcome your.

Watch online hand-picked selection of UFO documentaries, with a summary of each one’s content. Pilot sighting documentaries, military UFO sightings, NASA transmissions.

I was driving through the desert and I could just about see a white dome with people,” says Joey, “We also saw one thing on camera, it was like a little light, but I don’t know if it was a UFO.” If you’re inspired by Joey’s bizarre.

Dec 24, 2017  · What about the “UFO metal” that no one can analyze? Robert Bigelow, the “metal man” for UFO disclosure by Jon Rappoport December 24, 2017 (UFO archive, here) This is a story out of a 1950s pulp science fiction novel.

The next day, the attaché met with another gendarmerie officer who had actually seen the UFO. The officer "described the UFO as flying parallel to the coast at a relatively low speed, as if it were an aircraft preparing to land. It first.

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Insightful and analytical, passionate and authentic, with biting wit and masterful writing – our bloggers are a source of crystal clarity in this time of confusion. Chamish believes that anyone who disagrees with his own infantile "theories".

Jan 12, 2011. In the past decade, the Internet has given rise to the UFO community, allowing those who believe or have shaved experiences, to connect with others like them around the globe. These UFO blogs offer insight into this unknown world and many look at experiences from both sides of the coin, trying to prove.

Jan 10, 2018  · Fast forward to the waning days of 2017. Harry Reid went on the record stating that our government has a secret program to research UFOs. As I stated in an earlier blog.

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Nov 29, 2016. It is generally believed that a high IQ and a rational analytical left brain are required for creative discovery. That belief may be wrong. In an extensively researched 306-page study, Grant Cameron shows where creativity really comes from. The book will show that creativity does not require high IQ or luck,

The band unveiled a giant UFO as part of their new set while playing at Germany’s Rock AM Ring festival, however the prop was so big, it blocked the channel’s signal from the event.

May 12, 2012  · After long silence on my page I have reason to make a new post. Those of you who read regularly already know that Wojtek is on one-man expedition in.

Welcome , look around and take your time. There are 1000’s of posts here. The blog began as a Paranormal and Unusual Blog so there are 100’s and 100’s of Paranormal, Supernatural, Psychic, Mind Power, Hypnotism ,and more videos and posts.

There’s something mysterious in the sky. Sometimes it’s a saucer-shaped object. Sometimes it’s a series of lights that change in formation, color and speed. Other times someone steps forward to admit that the mystery is, well, nothing.

As if Disney World and Universal Studios were not enough to draw tourist to the Sunshine State, Florida now appears to be the place to go to see a UFO. Witnesses there reported UFO sightings on March 10 and March 30, according to.

Coming in at just over 3 hours we have quite the excuse to kick back and enjoy a nice long afternoon or morning in David Serada’s Evidence the Case for NASA UFO’s. Evidence, the Case for NASA UFOs, is a 3 hour film about a 6-year.

Discover UFO files, newly released by Ministry of Defence with The National Archives in June 2013.

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A news camera crew in Southern California caught an apparent missile launch off the coast on Monday afternoon, except at this point no one in the Department of Defense is taking credit for it. Earlier today, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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Dec 26, 2017. Can you tell when your project is at risk of becoming a UFO (UnFinished Object)? Here are some signs to alert you and steps you can take to prevent an alien invasion! Project Too Big. Are you suddenly aware of the fact that the project you fell in love with could take the next decade to finish? That common.

The purported UFO that pilots and other eagle-eyed professionals reported seeing almost four years ago, hovering above Gate C-17 at O’Hare International Airport, never went away. Don’t get me wrong. The aviators, United Airlines ramp.

Tacoma is also, as my friend Art Chantry puts it, the “center of the (un)known universe;” UFOs were first ‘sighted’ here.

http://kevinrandle.blogspot.com/2016/11/x-zone-broadcast-network-former-blue. html. I did ask Rob how the material had ended up at the Black Vault and he told me (well, answered an email):. I joined up with John last November to help with his UFO investigations team. He knew about my Blue Book find and told me I could.

The astronaut reported a sighting of a green-hued glowing object approaching his capsule. The alleged UFO was picked up on his radar, but Cooper was advised not to speak about the sighting. He had attested to seeing a UFO nearly a.

Mar 16, 2015. Hey, it's Jen! So let's get right to it. As you all know, I've been abducted at least once a week for the past twenty-odd years and yet… I can NEVER remember the process being so ridiculously aggravating! Last night, aliens awoke me, as usual, at 3 am. They were all standing around the bed. Fine. So far so.

July 24, 2017 Dion Fischer · Uncategorized · 0 Comment · + Read More · # RECORDADAY 102 (NIK RAICEVIC). July 24, 2017 Dion Fischer · Uncategorized · 0 Comment · + Read More · #RECORDADAY 101 (JAN & DEAN). July 24, 2017 Dion Fischer · Uncategorized · 0 Comment · + Read More · # RECORDADAY 100.

Barney and Betty Hill had a frightening UFO experience in the mountains of New Hampshire. During their ordeal, Betty saw a star a star map said to contain astonishingly accurate astronomical details.

But Mr. Webb sticks to his story that he was temporarily blinded and burned. His wife believes him, and the highway patrol is puzzled. The story he relates seems fantastic, almost unbelievable, but even the UFO skeptics who have.

Nancy Wisser, who has cataloged the ever-expanding world of megalithic knockoffs for a decade on her blog Clonehenge. the shape of the Devils Tower butte after an encounter with a UFO. The urge to henge is similar, says.

Includes account by airliner captain who saw beige "missile-shaped object" 4,500 pages cover sightings that were reported from 1986 through 1992 Next Article in World » LONDON, England (CNN)– Thousands of documents about.

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There are times however when something astonishingly different appears in the sky, compelling the observer to question the reality of unidentified flying objects (UFO). Some people instantly reject the idea of the UFO phenomenon, others.

'Dedicated to UFO activity in Victoria' – (then why are they collecting for an Australian wide database?) Your resource for all UFO events in the state. Investigate on the ground UFO activities.' Hold it a moment, I was just taking one last look at the website before publishing this blog post, when amongst the clutter I found a.

Sep 28, 2010  · The Coming Strong Delusion! UFO Disclosure: Retired Military Officers Press Conference To Warn UFO Activity At Nuclear.

Interactive as usual and soon even more so We'll be discussing a new perspective on UFOs, as well as about expanded audience participation in coming shows…and the reason why it's so important now. Screw UFOs Dealing with Melon Eels Kenneth Smith's Interview New, Two-hour Interview The Handwriting on the Wall.