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The alt tag is used by screen readers, the browsers used by blind and visually impaired people, to tell them what is on the image. The title attribute is shown as a.

Sep 5, 2013. It is important to optimize images for web if you want your images to rank highly in Image Search. Learn SEO for images.

What is important of heading tags, meta tags and Alt. Image alt attribute is. as crawlers index alt tags and make it SEO friendly.Meta.

May 16, 2016. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard; Go to Plugins->Add New; Enter WP Image SEO in the search box; Once you find the plugin hit the install button. % name – It allows you to automatically replace the alt or title tag with the name of the image; %title – It allows you to automatically replace the alt or.

The image element is a receptical for images. Without it the net would be very dull.

Oct 18, 2013. A common problem with websites is poorly optimized images, damaging their SEO. Here's how to optimize images by changing file names, alt text and captions.

Sep 21, 2015. Image File Size in KB – image size in terms of memory is very important, make sure that your images are optimized and saved for web. You can read more on how to optimize your images for web here. – Alt and Title Text – Make sure the alt text includes your SEO keyword and relates to / describes the.

Feb 3, 2016. So, what is alt image text anyway? Alt image text, or alternative image text is the copy that describes what the image is all about. Why is alt text important? 1 // It helps with SEO, or search engine optimization. Search engines have a hard time "reading" images because they are what they are. When a search.

There is a school of thought that having an inline linked image (an image loaded via the img tag, rather than via css background attribute) at or near the top of your.

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Part of her work included advising anti-abortion male Republicans to describe their emotional states upon seeing ultrasound images of their children for. Conway.

Part of her work included advising anti-abortion male Republicans to describe their emotional states upon seeing ultrasound images of their children for. Conway.

ALT Tags tell visitors what website images are and are used by screen-readers and for SEO. How do you write ALT tags with both audiences in mind and optimize multiple.

Why you should use alt tags for accessibility (instead of SEO. Even graphs and charts should be described by their accompanying text instead of an alt tag. Images.

Jun 20, 2014. From image size and naming to alternate text (alt text) and image titles, learn four different ways you can optimize images for search engine optimization.

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Guide on How to Add ALT Tag to Images in WordPress. If you are serious about SEO, its quite important to optimize images for search engines.

Mar 23, 2015. Creating effective ALT text for images, will help differently abled readers understand the text and also boost your site's SEO ranking.

Wondering what’s the difference between alt text vs image title? Which is better for SEO? Learn in our guide Image Alt Text vs Image Title in WordPress.

What are ALT Tags for Images? ALT tags are probably one of the most under-utilized html tags for easy free keywords on the internet. If you are not sure wh

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Suggestions for adding info to images: Alt Tag Google suggests that you just make the alt tag as descriptive as possible. If the image is for the header of a blog.

Jun 23, 2014. I mentioned in a previous post about simple SEO steps for increasing traffic that you should add descriptive alt tags to your images and since I've had a few emails regarding how to do that in Blogger I'd thought I'd right a quick tutorial for future reference.

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Oct 27, 2015. How to Do SEO Image Optimization in WordPress. A number of markers are important for SEO-optimized images: Image size and loading time; File name; Position within content; ALT and title tag; Caption; OpenGraph data; XML Sitemap.

The alt text is used to specify text for an image on a web page in the event that images are turned off on a visitor’s web browser.

With the latest SEO update to Blogger, Below is the sample alt tag to a particular image link:. Image Alt Text Vs Image Title Tags- Which Is Important For SEO?

SEO / Image Optimization and Alt Text Best Practices. Matt Polsky. Image SEO isn’t something I typically get a ton of call for, but it’s definitely something I enjoy.